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Incoming Students for Rush RecommendationsStill Looking for Rush Recommendations

If you have any rush recommendations for this coming year, please let us know soon. We count on our alumni for a number of these every year. Please send in names of any entering UGA student that you want the Chapter to invite to one of the rush events. The main point of contact is Rush Chairman Connor Larkin and you can call him at 404-683-3582.

Onward and UpwardRemember your spring graduation?

With the return of spring also comes that rite of passage, graduation. We’ve all been there. It’s a time for looking forward, but also a time for looking back over our life-changing college years and the many influences that shaped us, including our fraternity experience. 

ANNUAL FUND UPDATE – A CALL TO ACTIONHelp Us Make the 2018-19 Giving Year Strong!

Our 2018-19 giving year, which began on September 1, is half over with $3,900 collected from 10 brothers. We want to thank those 10 brothers (you can find them under the Honor Roll tab on our website) who have already made a contribution to Gamma so far this giving year!

Our 2018-19 giving year goal is for $20,000. Last year only 76 out of 2,106 alumni chose to make a voluntary gift. Brothers, we need your help. Who will be next to join our 2018-19 Honor Roll?


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Will Jeremiah
$ 50.00 2 months ago
Paul Kilpartick
$ 500.00 3 months ago
Dallas Hunt
$ 100.00 5 months ago
Stuart Sherrill
$ 250.00 8 months ago

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William Kidd 1960
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