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Profile Harold M. (Hal) Morris, Jr.

I joined KA because I knew many of my hometown (Athens, GA) friends who had been members over the years, including classmates of mine at Athens High School.

I have fond memories of the good times at the frat house on Milledge Avenue across the side street from Lucy Cobb dormitory .I edited the Gamma Chapter newsletter, was Rush Chairman, and represented our chapter on the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC). Our Old South Ball in Atlanta, GA, which included the KA Chapters from Emory, GA Tech, U.GA, and Mercer, was the event of each year in the spring. The KA's wore confederate uniforms, their dates, who stayed at the Emory KA house (vacated by the brothers), wore colorful antebellum dresses. For this event, the urinals contained swimming goldfish! There was a parade on Saturday morning down Peachtree Street in Atlanta to the State Capital where a brother gave a "Secede from the Union" speech. A copy of the speech was attached to a homing pigeon's leg and then the pigeon was released to carry the message to the President in Washington, D.C. Rebel yells ensued. The evening included a big dinner-dance at the Atlanta Civic Center. Through the years, the bands included Tommy Dorsey, Tony Pastor with the Clooney sisters, and many more!

In back of the frat house was the party shack, reputed to be an old slave quarters. One of our brothers was an accomplished pianist and he entertained us there nightly playing pop, rock, blues, jazz and classical music.

Brothers that I occasionally see are terry Wingfield, Jake Hutchins and Tommy Bentley.

Upon graduation in 1952, I married Joanne Moreland from Thomasville, GA. We divorced four years later. I moved to Chattanooga, TN in 1956 to become Advertising/Communications Manager of the Electric Power Board. In 1982, I married Linda Dunavin who had two grown sons. We now have five granddaughters. I retired in 1994 following 38 years of service.

I was co-captain of the U.GA's first SEC championship swimming team in 1951. Four of the team members were KA's, including Tommy Cousins, Charlie Sligh, Irwin ("Yutch") Stolze, and myself.

I was also a member of the "G: Club, Sigma Delta Chi, honorary journalism fraternity, and was cartoonist for the "Georgia Cracker" student magazine.

My nickname, "Snerd", materialized in high school when I once mimicked a Mortimer Snerd skit from the previous night's radio broadcast. It stuck through college and beyond!

In Chattanooga, TN, I have served as President of the U.GA "Bulldog" Club, President of the Chattanooga Chapter-Kappa alpha Alumni, President of the Chattanooga Quarterback Club, President of the Chattanooga Advertising Federation, Secretary of the electric League of Chattanooga, Vice-President of the Chattanooga Jaycees.

Hobbies include traveling~ reading, art, and swimming; and my plans are to "keep on keepin' on."

Best of luck to Gamma Chapter,

Hal Morris

Harold M. (Hal) Morris, Jr. ("Snerd")
910 Battlefield Trail
Chattanooga, TN 27409-1100

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