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Please welcome the Fall 2013 Pledge Class. Of particular interest are the young men in bold.  These young men are legacies to Gamma ... goes to show KA is a family tradition worth passing down generation after generation!  We look forward to working with all of these young brothers, each of whom were initiated in October: 


Ben Burnside, Augusta
Bill Bush, Augusta
Nicholas Carbo, Savannah
Alex Carter, Newnan
Alexander Caves, Columbus
Carter Chandler, Atlanta
Tyler Cook, Albany
Scott Cusack, Arroyo Grande, CA
Stewart Eberhardt, Macon
Adam Ellender, Atlanta
Nate Faulkner, Charlotte, NC
Grant Harrell, Atlanta
Casey Hightower, Leesburg
Charles Houpt, Columbus
John Kesterson, Collierville, TN
Bryson King, Houston, TX
George Lilly, Thomasville
Jackson Mansour, Columbus
Baxter McWhorter, Rome
Lauch Monroe, Atlanta
Richard Murray, Augusta
Jonathan Newar, Houston, TX
Will Phillips, Savannah
Brice Polito, Baton Rouge, LA
Ethan Ruhl, Eatonton
Jack Shell, Charlotte, NC
Jack Simmons, Tallahassee, FL
Franklin Sims, Augusta
Greer Smith, Macon
Asbury Stembridge, Macon
Robert Stolz, Charlotte, NC
Sam Stolz, Alpharetta
Lang Storey, Augusta
Michael Tripoli, Atlanta
Sutton Trulock, Madison
Brandon Young, Atlanta
Steven Zeldin, Marietta

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Recent Online Donors

Rick Belford
$ 100.00 1 year ago
Jeffery Avant
$ 100.00 1 year ago
Gray Jackson
$ 250.00 2 years ago
Will Jeremiah
$ 50.00 2 years ago

Capital Campaign Honor Roll

Gamma Club

William Kidd 1960
Paul Kilpatrick 1960
Joseph Boland 1961
John Walden 1962
Malcolm Liles 1971

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