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Congratulations to Charlie Haack, who has been serving on the IFC executive board at UGA as recruitment chairman. A junior from Athens, he is majoring in real estate through the Terry College of Business. He also served as recruitment chairman for KA in his freshman and sophomore years.

Tell us more about your role with IFC.
My main responsibilities came over the summer of 2014, where I prepared PowerPoint and oral presentations for new students and parents on the merits of fraternity life and the fraternity
recruitment process, and assisted with the coordination of all orientation information sessions. In addition, during the week before the start of the fall semester I oversaw the formal recruitment process for all 26 fraternities in the Interfraternity Council, while maintaining and updating the recruitment database.

How did your KA experience help prepare you for your IFC position?
My KA experience helped me because I had been a rush chair for our fraternity. I had experienced and understood the recruitment process from a single fraternity aspect.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned so far from this experience?
This experience has helped me understand how the university interacted with individual chapters. I saw how chapters worked with the university to foster proper risk management for recruitment purposes. I also feel like I can use this experience to help KA by improving communication between our chapter and the university. Also, I can help strengthen our risk management techniques because I have seen some situations that can arise and how other fraternities have handled these situations.

Why did you join KA when you came to UGA?
I knew I wanted to join a fraternity. I have some family friends who were KAs at the time, and some of my dad’s closest friends were also Gamma KAs in the early ’80s. I had always heard great things about this chapter and knew this would be a fraternity that I would enjoy being a part of.

What is your best KA memory?
Sophomore year Convivium. We went to Nashville for a three-day weekend for our formal and to attend a Predators game. It was great weekend that the chapter got to spend together in a different city where there were a lot of things to do.

What are your future plans/goals after graduation?
I plan to attend graduate school to attain either a MBA or law degree. This is something that I have always that about. I want grow my skills and knowledge so that I am not limited in my career choices and can pursue whatever opportunities I may have.

In what ways will you remain involved with Gamma Chapter as an alum?
I also hope to stay involved with our fraternity in whatever aspect the chapter needs my help, whether it be recommendations for recruitment or just being a part of the alumni network.


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