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This past April, Brother Malcolm Liles ’72, wife Kookie (UGA Kappa Alpha Theta), twin sons William ’05 and Leighton ’05 and daughters-in-law Bethany and Melissa participated in the Kappa Alpha Order’s Sesquicentennial celebration in Nashville. Specifically, Malcolm, William and Leighton were all members of the Host Committee for the event. We caught up with Malcolm for his an update on how KA and the Greek community has truly impacted the Liles family tree.

As you can read HERE in a profile of Malcolm written a little over a decade ago, his top priority was "to get my sons educated. They really love Georgia, and they have had a wonderful experience at the KA house." Not only did they receive a top-tier education, both sons went on to achieve both professional and personal successes. And it was due to KA, in many cases. Here is a quick look at the Liles family tree and the many KA-relates twists and turns it has taken.

  • Malcolm graduates as a KA brother from UGA in 1972.
  • Malcolm's brother, Richard, graduates as a KA brother from Valdosta State in 1975.
  • Malcolm marries UGA Kappa Alpha Theta sister, Marion "Kookie" McDougal, a 1974 UGA graduate.
  • Malcolm and Kookie have twin sons, William and Leighton.
  • William and Leighton both attend UGA and pledge KA. They both graduate in 2005.
  • Both sons pursue professional careers in finance within the Nashville area.
  • William has worked with Malcolm for five years. He has secured his CFP and CIMA certifications and is working on his CFA. He has an MBA from Vanderbilt University and, along with Malcolm, is managing a portfolio of $700+ million.
  • Leighton also obtained his MBA from Vanderbilt. He currently has his CFP and CPA certifications and works with a merchant banking firm in Nashville.
  • Both boys met their wives after leaving UGA. However, both wives are UGA graduates. Additionally, both daughters-in-law, along with their mother-in-law Kookie Liles, are Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae .
  • Bethany Greene Liles, wife of William, is the daughter of KA UGA alum, Donald Greene of Gray, Ga. His cousin, Dan Greene, and Malcolm were KA brothers and good friends during their undergraduate days.
  • Melissa Bush Liles, wife of Leighton, is the daughter of Charles and Karen Bush. Charles is a physician in Jackson, Miss., and a Mississippi State KA alum.
  • Leighton and Melissa are expecting their first child in July. Will this baby be a future KA brother? Only time will tell.

We know there are other stories like this within our Gamma Chapter family. Leave your comments below about your own KA family tree. Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email your own story (and watch for it in one of our next eLetters). Let's continue to pass down the stories of KA traditions and family heritage. It is part of what keeps our chapter alive and growing!

Top photo: William and Bethan Green Liles. Bottom photo: Leighton and Melissa Bush Liles.


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