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Six months into our 2015-2016 giving year, which began on September 1, 2015, we’ve raised $4,861 from 36 donors toward our goal of $15,000 from 100 donors. We still have a long way to go over the next six months. Did you know that 75% of all alumni members have never made a contribution?

The holidays are over and tax returns are on their way, so now is the perfect time to make your contribution to Gamma Chapter!

We would like to thank our top five all time donors, University of Georgia, The Estate of Boone Knox ’56, William Knox Jr. ’65, Wyckliffe Knox Jr. ’59 and Mr. John Walden Jr. ’62 for their generous donations over the years, as well as the 36 men who contributed so far this giving year:

Gamma Club
Joseph Boland Jr. 1961
John Walden Jr. 1962
Asa Candler III 1963

Sustaining Member Club
Malcolm Liles 1971
George Simmons 1981

Gold and Crimson Club
Wilder Little 1948
Herbert Cobb 1950
William Bradley 1953
Donald Sprayberry 1954
Warren Jenkins Jr. 1957
Don Grantham 1958
Hugh Hosch Jr. 1958
James Nelson Jr. 1964
Lynn Michael 1965
John Trulock Jr. 1965
Thomas Bowden 1966
Robert Bowden 1968
Stewart Champion Jr. 1968
Frank Barron 1970
B. Branford Thompson 1973
Douglas Hendrickson 1975
Allen Davis 1976
I. Hamilton Tillman III 1978
I. William Stolz III 1979
Blake Brown 1980
Augustus Vaughn Jr. 1980
Todd Lee 1984
Alexander Cann Jr. 1985

Contributor Club
John Fowler 1953
J. Michael Blalock 1963
Louis Riccardi 1963

Harold Morris Jr. 1950
Maurice Sponcler Jr. 1961
R. Skipper Hoke 1963
Frank Booker III 1966
George Lawton 1969

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Recent Online Donors

Rick Belford
$ 100.00 1 year ago
Jeffery Avant
$ 100.00 1 year ago
Gray Jackson
$ 250.00 2 years ago
Will Jeremiah
$ 50.00 2 years ago

Capital Campaign Honor Roll

Gamma Club

William Kidd 1960
Paul Kilpatrick 1960
Joseph Boland 1961
John Walden 1962
Malcolm Liles 1971

Honor Roll