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We recently included a survey link in one of our monthly e-newsletters asking each of you questions about your time in Gamma Chapter, what you gained from it and how your life would be different without it. Several of our brothers responded and, not surprisingly, the general consensus was that Gamma Chapter of KA Order was a very positive experience in their life. Here’s what some of our brothers had to say:

Q: How do KA Order's core values play a role in your life today?

William Nix ’77
“I am amazed at how the characteristics of a gentleman are more appreciated than ever. Ladies love it when I stand when they join a table or enter a room or open a door. And I find myself thinking in certain instances "What would General Lee do?" I use my KA values often in my day-to-day life.”

James Morrison ’83
“I will always have a reverence to God and chivalry towards women.”

William Boswell ’73
“Respect for others.”

Taylor Cook
“Being a gentleman is the best thing you can do to earn respect without having to say a word. Let your actions speak for your morals.”

Fred Sims ’86
“Helped me learn to put others before myself many times.”

Steve Kendrick
“They are part of values that serve as the foundation from which I stand on each and every day.”

If you haven’t submitted your own thoughts and opinions, you can do so here or in the Facebook comment box below.

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