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In honor of Armed Forces Day on May 21, we would like to thank the following brothers for their service:

Maj. Harold Brannen, III
David Dillinger,
Army (ret.)
Lt. Col. Neal Linch, USAF
Lt. William Perry, USAF
Col. Merritt Pound, Jr., USAF (ret.)
Lt. Col. A. Spinks, Jr., USAF (ret.)
Lt. Col. Harry Trimble, USAF (ret.)
Maj. Tommy Hopkins, USAF (Flight Surgeon 1976-89)
Maj. Gen. William N. Searcy, USAF (ret., served 38 years in USAF and GA Air National Guard)
1st Lt. Don Oliver, Army Medical Service Corps (1963-66)
Capt. Paul Kilpatrick, Army JAG Corp. (1965-68)
John Jopling, Army (1972-74, Armored Division)
Philip Jones, USAF and GA Air National Guard (served six years)
Lt. Col. Norman S. Laird, USAF (ret., 1963-83. 14 separate assignments)
Asa Candler III, USAF Reserve (loadmaster with Air Force Reserve 445th Troop Carrier Wing, 1962-66)
Lt. John McIntosh, USN (1969-74)
LTJG Elliott Simmons, USN
Sgt. “John” Gibson Johnston, Jr., Army Medical Corps (Sept. 1951-Sept. 1953, 7th Surgical Hospital [Mobile Army])
SSGT Rick Belford, Air National Guard (1967-73)

Col. Frederic Gordon Jones, USAF (pictured left)
"I served as a physician(cardiologist) completing 28 years service as a US Air Force Colonel in 1978."

Timothy Tart, GA National Guard
“I served in Georgia National Guard for six years but my son, Timothy Nathan Tart Jr., went to the Air Force Academy and served twenty years. He just retired last year after flying 145 combat missions in the war. He loves the Dawgs.”

Capt. Rich Elmore,
“1968-71, Army Aviator, Combat Assault Helicopter Company, 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC.”

Ralph B. Higgins, Army
“Defense Language Institute, East Coast; Israeli; JFK Center for Military Assistance; Fort Bragg, NC. Middle East Speciality; rank: E5. Amazing experience!”

Jack Friou, Army
“Served Sept. 1971-Sept. 1973. Draft ping pong ball number 22, just outside of the Chapter pool. MP—served one year, 11 months, 23 days. Rose to rank of Specialist 4th Class.”

Sgt. Ben F. Moss IV,
“Currently active, living in HI with wife, Sgt. Nicole Moss USMC, and two children, Ava and Ben V.”

Capt. Thomas D. Sims, Jr., USMC
"Served in Vietnam 1967-1968, as a Helicopter pilot with over 700 combat missions, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and many Air Medals. "Shot in the Ass"."

Jay Michael Blalock,
Army (pictured left)
"Served with the 101st Airborne Div. in Vietnam from '67-'68 was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star "V"."

If you are a member of the armed forces but are not on this list, or if your information is not up-to-date, please click here to let us know!

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