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Nick and Jack Manfredi

"I chose KA because I felt comfortable with the quality of the guys who were active during my rush period. They were all-around good guys who had developed a good balance of social life, athletics, and academics. 

I spent most lunches and dinners at the KA house. I liked the food, but I especially liked our pickup basketball games every afternoon prior to dinner. We had a lot of really good athletes and the games were pretty intense. 

Every Wednesday and Friday we had late night parties and band parties. We also had the post-game parties after fall football games, which seemed to attract hundreds of people to the house. We had the ideal location sitting along Lumpkin Street. 

I loved the socials with our favorite sororities and the Old South weekend was a blast every year. 

There were about 45 pledges in our class and I stay in touch with at least 10 guys on a regular basis. 

I am glad my son chose KA, but I certainly didn't put any pressure on him. I wanted him to figure out what fraternity he felt most comfortable with so that he could get the most out of his time at UGA. I see that he made a great decision! 

I gained many great friendships that have lasted for many years. I see old KA brothers fairly frequently and we often reminisce about so many stories that are priceless."

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