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What I enjoy most about KA are all the great brothers I've had the pleasure to get to know and become friends with.

For Richard Conner ’92, friendship is hands down the most valuable benefit of his KA membership.

“What I enjoy most about KA are all the great brothers I've had the pleasure to get to know and become friends with,” he says. “I still keep in touch with several brothers, including Chris (Beaker) Carden ’91, Walker Johnson ’91, Baylor Coffman ’91, James Hester ’91, and Marshall Roberts ’91.”

Though they primarily keep in touch through phone or text messaging, the group also gets together every other year for the Apalachicola Oyster Roast Festival. The tradition was started by Beaker Carden, and it’s one all of them look forward to.

“I always look forward to catching up with those who can attend,” he says, “as well as John Broadnax ’91 backing out of the trip at the last minute.”

Richard has fond memories of his KA days, especially going to Allen’s, Gus Garcias, Bissests, and Uptown Lounge.

Today, he shows his gratitude for the memories and friendships KA gave him by generously supporting the annual fund, not to mention fulfilling a generous pledge for our Capital Campaign to rebuild our house a few years back.

“Most of my fondest memories in college revolved around the house or my fellow KA brothers,” he says. “I would like for younger guys to experience the same.”

Today, Richard owns a Zaxby’s franchise and resides in Montgomery, Alabama with his wife of 17 years and their three children.

Richard and the rest of the crew at Apalachicola Oyster Roast Festival

From left to right, back to front: Hank Moore, Richard Conner '92, David and Ellen Lucas, Mckenzie Moore, Walker Johnson '91, Jessica and Baylor Coffman '91, Caroline and James Hester '91, Christi Johnson, Ashley Conner, Amy and Chris (Beaker) Carden '91


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