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We caught up with brother Steve Kendrick and he shared some of his favorite Gamma memories...


What KA tradition is the most meaningful to you?

Chivalry.  Treating Ladies with respect and equality (especially in the workplace environment).


What did the fraternity teach you about leadership?

How to work well with others.  Living in the “KA House” with all those different personalities prepared me for the future.


What is your funniest fraternity memory?

My room in the House was on the third floor.  On the way up the stairs from the 2nd  to the 3rd floor was a raised landing about 6’ high X 6’ wide X 8’ long (if that large).  One late night, I find that some of our Brothers have taken the entire room of another brother including bed, clothes, shoes, fan etc. out of his room and arranged it on the landing.  Hilarious!


In what ways have you stayed connected with Gamma Chapter as an alum?

Hunter Hopkins without a doubt has kept me connected after years of disconnection.


What’s new in your life today? (family news, career highlights, etc.)

Both of my beautiful Daughters are married to wonderful Son-In-Laws that have given me 3 Fantastic Grand Boys.


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