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Your Gamma Brothers Want to See Your Old Pictures!

There is a reason you have kept that shoe box full of old pictures from your KA days under the bed all these years. Now is the time to pull that dusty old treasure chest out, fire up your scanner and let all of your brothers see and enjoy your personal archives. Going through old pictures is a great way to remember people and places you may have forgotten about and get back in touch with those whom you may want to reconnect.

Fortunately for all of you, Gamma Chapter has a great alumni website where you can submit your stories and pictures immediately for everyone to see. It has been awhile since any of you have gone on and given us an update and we would like to see that change. One of the main things that helps alumni programs like this to flourish and grow is the involvement and contributions of its members. Not just monetarily, but also with memories and artifacts that help to tell the history of our lives and our time at University of Georgia with our brothers.

It's OK if you have spent a few years or even a few decades without reaching out to KA. We have always been here and always will be so drop us a line, tell us a story and help the history of our brotherhood live on for many years to come! Click here to submit your memories TODAY!

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