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Your Loyalty Makes All the Difference

Thanks to the generosity of those who have donated to the 2017-18 Annual Fund, Gamma Chapter might just be able to match what we brought in last year but we are not there yet. With 68 donors and $10,608 raised so far (as of June 9), we are pretty close to last year to-date ($13,390 from 69 donors), and with a few months still left to go, if we pull together, we could even surpass last year!

But we can’t lose momentum—KA still needs you to act. Click HERE to make your donation while there is still time and get your name on the Honor Roll.

At 68 donors so far, there is still a lot of ground to cover to reach this year’s overall goal of 100 donors. This number is critical to the continued engagement, success, and overall strength of our chapter.

It takes a special kind of brother to make more than just a symbolic commitment to our brotherhood—to go the extra mile by making a financial commitment, too, no matter how big or small.

Thank you to the following brothers who have given to the Annual Fund so far. Through your generosity, you have also shown us your loyalty.

Gamma Club
Joseph Boland  
Carlton Walstad  
Richard Smith 1960
Paul Kilpatrick 1963
John Walden 1966
Benton Savage 1995
Davis Knox 1998
Sustaining Member Club
Steve Kendrick  
Hugh Hosch 1961
Barton Baldwin 1968
P.J. Friou 1971
Malcolm Liles 1972
Louie Curry 1973
Richard Conner 1995
Gold and Crimson Club
Claude Graybill  
Paul Kilpatrick  
Lynn Michael  
Sim Rhodes  
William Smith  
Randolph Thrower  
George Dismukes 1954
Donald Sprayberry 1954
Allan Barber 1957
Rufus Chambers 1957
Don Grantham 1958
Warren Jenkins 1960
William Heeney 1965
William Huff 1965
H. Norman 1965
Troy Millikan 1966
Duke Harris 1967
Philip Bailey 1968
George Hart 1968
Thomas Bowden 1970
Robert Bowden 1971
Gary Nichols 1971
Stewart Champion 1972
Frank Barron 1973
William Boswell 1973
Joseph Brannen 1973
Douglas Hendrickson 1975
Seth Knight 1982
Blake Brown 1983
William Cowsert 1983
R. Stroud 1983
Augustus Vaughn 1983
John Peterson 1985
Alexander Cann 1988
William Buchanan 1990
David Harris 1993
Andrew Albert 1996
Gray Jackson 1996
Zachary Cowart 1997
Thomas Peterson 1997
Contributor Club
Harry Goodwin  
William Palmer 1953
John Staton 1964
Milton Coleman 1965
Jay Blalock 1966
David Sipple 1966
Richard Belford 1968
R. Bair 1970
E. Epperson 1970
Rick Henson 1976
Howard Dickinson 1996
Marrs Cooper 1961
James Hill 1965
Maurice Sponcler 1967



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Recent Online Donors

Rick Belford
$ 100.00 1 year ago
Jeffery Avant
$ 100.00 1 year ago
Gray Jackson
$ 250.00 2 years ago
Will Jeremiah
$ 50.00 2 years ago

Capital Campaign Honor Roll

Gamma Club

William Kidd 1960
Paul Kilpatrick 1960
Joseph Boland 1961
John Walden 1962
Malcolm Liles 1971

Honor Roll