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You already know the impact Greek life has—because you lived it. The term ‘social fraternity’ might give the impression that the Greek experience is superficial. But research shows that personal connections and friendships are the key to happiness.  

These lifelong relationships are only part of what makes the fraternity experience so transformational. From our career trajectories to our family’s values, our Gamma Chapter experience played a key role. Our experiences helped make us into the people we are today.  

Here is an eBook of some of the best responses to recent a survey of Greek communities across the country. These quotes illustrate why Greek life is and will remain a key part of the higher education experience. Click HERE to read the eBook and keep reading to see what Gamma Chapter members had to say. 


“I would not have met the many movers and shakers of Georgia!” - Ralph Higgins ’69 

“The relationships I established in KA will last for my lifetime. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be a KA at the University of Georgia.” - Andy Knox ’72 

"I chose KA because I felt comfortable with the quality of the guys who were active during my rush period. They were all-around good guys who had developed a good balance of social life, athletics, and academics.” - Jack Manfredi ’92 

“Getting to know a diverse and interesting bunch of people and learning to handle different situations was a huge help, but knowing that there will always be a group you can count on was the best gift. This, along with the reaffirmation, at a vulnerable time, of the core traditional southern values with which I was raised.” - Doug Hendrickson ’75 

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