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We are all part of Gamma but our time in the house was heavily influenced by the culture and music of our era, making our experience uniquely our own. Find your decade and take a walk down memory lane! If you have any flashback photos from your era, send them our way at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


In the years just after the war, life at Gamma in the 1950s had a look and feel that was all its own. We found some sights and sounds of the decade that will make all of the memories come flooding back.

Relive the glory days with this video 

And click here to listen to the soundtrack of our underground days!


The sixties at UGA was a time of change, and of course, forging deep friendships at Gamma. Check out this video montage and Spotify playlist for some highlights of those years.  

Watch here.  

Listen to the best of the sixties.


Friendships made in the ’70s at Gamma have stood the test of time, making it through the end of the draft, graduation, careers, family and even retirement. What were some of your favorite memories?  

Relive the glory days.  

Do you remember the party where you heard these songs?


The eighties were THE BEST days to be in a fraternity, at least that’s what our decade keeps saying! After all, what’s not to love? 

Remember the good old days with this epic look back.  

Play this for a walk down memory lane.


We were the last decade to graduate without help from Google — and we did just fine. Here’s to the nineties, and Gamma where we met some of our very favorite people.  

Look back at the epic decade here.  

It wasn’t all Jagged Little Pill and Bitter Sweet Symphony.


This decade of change started with the specter of Y2K and 9/11 and just accelerated from there. Our time at the house was a steady place in the middle of a world in flux, and the friendships have stood the test of time.  

Look back at our buckle-your-seatbelts decade. 

Listen to the soundtrack of our undergrad days.


UGA in the 2010s is rapidly becoming a memory as we build our post-college life, but the memories of Gamma and the friendships we made will last a lifetime.  

Watch the moments that made our decade memorable.  

2010s soundtrack? We’ve got an app for that.  

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