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For many of us, KA was an important part of our UGA experience. Whatever your key takeaways from your time at UGA, I think we can all agree on this: KA’s impact extends far beyond our brief time at the chapter house.

Here are 5 reasons KA still matters after you graduate, according to your fellow Alumni Brothers and a few anonymous responses:

"Being a part of such a diverse group. Sharing space, time, conversation, ideals, tradition, sadness and happiness, the meaning of brotherhood, lifelong memories, and most of all friends." - Steve K. Kendrick

"Most definitely the friendships I still hold dear today!!!" - Chris Neal '92

"The brothers that I knew while an active and with whom I still maintain contact. I am regularly in touch with Wyck Knox, Don Grantham, Paul Kilpatrick, Joe Manderson, William Moore, Charlie Elzie, Gordan (Batman) Varnedoe, Charles (Sonny) Mobley, John McNeill, Neal Ray, Tim Flournoy, Marvin Everett." - Robert Miles '64

"I look back on the few short years I spent at the fraternity house as some of the best years of my life. Brotherhood made getting an education a great and memorable experience for me." - Anonymous

"I support and have supported the fraternity because of the profound influence my experience there had on me and continues to have on me. The friendships I made there are among the most important in my life." - Anonymous

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